Taking charge of our health is a necessary mindset for this day and age. Countless variablesTaking Charge logo 8-6-09 in the medical world influence the well-being of our bodies–both negatively and positively. The health care industry itself has become very much a business, and one that is disjointed (a doctor for one thing and another for something different). When a health crisis entered my life a few years back (within months) I ended up in the office of seven different types of doctors: A Hematologist, Rheumatologist, Gastroenterologist, Urologist, Neurologist, Neuro-surgeon, and Internist. Each one had their own ideas, as well as, limitations in knowledge. Needless to say my head was spinning. In my cabinet still lies a box holding different prescription medications I never used from several of these visits. As I read the labels, having already experiened a bad reaction to a medication, I could not in good conscience allow myself to ingest any more drugs into my system–unless absolutely necessary and with certain reason. Besides these drugs major surgery was suggested that came with the possibility of severe complications. It was clear to me (more than ever) that it was time to take charge of my own health–not that I should make decisions without knowledge that could put my health in jeopardy. But rather I would need to begin to become educated in my options and what the potential risks and benifits would be for the decisions that the doctors were trying to make on my behalf. As my sister Joan would say, “People must take control of their health; inform themselves; and become their own advocate.” That is what this blog is all about–to inspire the advocate in you! Not only to get informed about your health issues themselves, but the wonderful world of natural alternative and options that can greatly benefit and strengthen your body, and come along side your doctors advice. There should be no conflict in attending to this side of your health from the medical world. As a matter of fact, this is a great litmus test to see if your physician is a truly a good fit for you.

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