I want to introduce this segment by sharing that my mother, who has been in heaven for 15prescription-drugs years now, left this life due to a bad call by the medical team during a hospital stay for a broken hip. The medications they administered for pain shut down her breathing and ultimately ended her life. She suffered from pulmonary problems and was on oxygen, which should have been the first clue not to give her a pain medication with the side effects that clearly warn of breathing difficulties. Im sure the hospital did not mean to hasten my mother’s death, or cause her undo suffering, but the truth is that is exactly what happened. The problem is that the medical world has been so indoctrinated in routine care that personalization to the patients is missing. Not to mention the desensitization towards the side effects accompanying commonly prescribed medications.

Of course, medicine is crucial and many times needed–there is no debate about that. It is not my intention to argue or paint an ugly picture of something so important and life-saving as the progression of modern medicine. It is, however, my desire to address the overuse, and negligent prescribing that is occurring across the country by the health care industry that is not only unnecessary, but dangerous to the person who takes it in trust.

It’s time to take charge–be our own advocate! We need to ask questions and do our own research before taking a prescription medication. Access to technology, and therefore answers, is easy in this day and age. Look up side effects, also look up drug interactions as well as interactions with pre-existing health conditions–these three simple steps could spare harm to your body, and even life itself. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Below is a well done news report on a drug interaction that could have been prevented. It is eye opening and will make you ask the important question–what am I being prescribed?


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