OFF fringeHave you ever had a favorite dish lacking a certain ingredient that made it ordinarily stand out? Although it was good, it just didn’t have the pizzaz you remembered? Fashion is very much the same. Personality brings out the rich deep flavors of style. In fact, even the best fashion can be pretty blah without it. This is one of the notable differences I have witnessed in researching the fashion and style industry for mature women. Women over fifty have come to a place where they are not only comfortable with who they are–they begin to blossom in sense of self. When we are younger our personalities tend to hide behind clothes, but when we come into the mature season of life our personalities begin to shine through our style choices. There is such freedom when it comes to style after the age of fifty. We move past the phase of trying to impress and simply have fun with personality through fashion. There is something special about this unique season of life…in fact, I would have to say it is simply the grandest of time to explore personal style!

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