Spotlight ministry to hurting women True Source Ministries-helping hurting women.​ For women who struggle with discouragement, insecurity, inferiority, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, etc. TSM’s mission is to come along side women who are hurting and encourage them with the timeless wisdom that comes from the Bible. They believe rooted deep within the gospel message is the declaration that a comforting, wise, and powerful support system is an available and on-going reality. flower-crown

TSM is happy to proclaim that the Gospel of grace includes the responsibility to raise and nurture a person from the point of spiritual birth to full maturity. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus commissions His followers to “teach them to observe.” The word “teach” means to impart instruction and care on an ongoing basis. The gospel applied, therefore, is not a one time event that becomes only a calendar date that we remember. The true gospel is a perpetual, loving support system that breathes life and renewal into our souls for the rest of our lives.

God’s divine and multifaceted care can be felt by all who seek Him with a whole heart. God, who is the perfect Father, is compared in Scripture with that of a tender mother (Isaiah 66:13). And Jesus, who is called the “Wonderful Counselor,” is brother, friend, and matchless adviser. If we have ever lacked for family, friend, or support system in any sense, we can find it complete in Christ. This ministry is for all who long to find themselves under the caring, wise, and tender direction of a loving support system that never falters.

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