This season nnailsot only are big furry cuffs in vogue, we are seeing extra loOFF swaeters that cover the handsng sleeves. Whether it’s tops, jackets, coats, or sweaters–arm length sleeves that come down to the knuckles are the trend. Even completely covered hands add pizzaz. For the mature women this classy look keep the fingers warm and cozy. If you enjoy nail fashion this style length is a great as it nail 2highlights nails where the sleeve ends. Nail looks this season range from nudes to deep wine colors. If you are brave, nail embellishment are making a wave. Subtle looks like a splash of glitter or stripe appliqués are great fun too. Sheer black is making a statement, and gold is a great holiday look. Ladies, we are never to old to have a little fun and flair with our nails.

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