Pleats are always flattering for the mature woman because they offer movement and offer contour flexibility. They are also classy and a fun throwback to the 1950’s. But, there is an interesting twist on the pleat trend as we are seeing an interesting car wash look.


Big and bold has given pleats an edgier and trendy look. Never-the-less, fashion this season is embracing all types of pleat sizes, even the elegant classic skirt that flows so

OFF OD-BA901A_PLEAT_OZ_20140206162252effortlessly is making a splash. Chromatic colors give it added flare. This a great look for all–and the mature woman where’s it well. Elegant tops give it a look from that classic era, and nostalgia makes this a fun choice to where around town. I love how the old mixes fabulously with the new. Certainly, it is a grand season for wearing pleats.

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