k2bs-modelAlthough coat styles and lengths this season are very versatile, one of the favorites is the maxi-length. ThisFree-shipping-autumn-winter-women-vintage-elegant-thicken-warm-x-long-ankle-length-wool-blends-coat length hits the leg somewhere between shins and ankles–some even hitting the floor. Not only does it keep the body extra warm where other coats lack fabric coverage, but its chic look is a head turner. With its timeless and classic lines, dark blues, black, grey tones, cream, mustard and even animal prints are making a hit. The maxi-lenght coat is one of those unique clothing items that looks great on every body shape at every age. For the mature woman it is a perfect fit. Winter areas in warmer climates offer light-weight maxi length fabric options that keep grand look without over heating.

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