“Never give up on your dream”! This is what grandfather and Author Stephen Paul told me when I asked about his newly released Children’s book EGGY FARM. Stephen’s passion has always been art – from an early age he hoped one day he would see his work in Galleries. Not until age 64 did his opportunity arrive, but rather than Galleries it would be in Bookstores. His success is one that genuinely lives into the motto, “It’s never too late”. 

Author Stephen Paul

When I read his delightful storybook I envisioned my own grandchildren actively engaged. The book’s appeal for children to shout and giggle along stood out to me. For instance, when Wiffy the smelly pig rolls in Chick Poop, both readers and listeners are invited to holler, “STOP IT WIFFY”.  I can imagine the laughter as we think about the amusing plight of farm life. Of course, for me living on a farm I see these realities every day. But for my grandchildren a book like this brings it to life with lovable characters and funny exploits. I was glad Stephen shared his journey. It is a reminder that it truly never is too late to start something new. In this season of life over fifty— ADVENTURES REALLY DO AWAIT! Click here to find out more about EGGY FARM–a fun book to read with your grandchildren.

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