I found this book extremely enlightening. The fact that the author is a conservative Christian, and parent, to a trans-identifying young adult added even more credibility. This topic is so necessary in our churches today. Vera English, never makes a case for or against transgenderism; it becomes clear in the first chapter that debating sides is not the point of this book. Vera, rather uses her personal experience to lead the reader into a fresh look at the gospel in an identity confused world. I not only walked away from this book with renewed clarity of my own identity (as a Christian), but with solid direction on how to be in a loving relationship with the trans-identifying community (and current culture at large) in a gospel-centered way. I highly recommend this book. H. Asters (Book Reviewer)

Book Review

I am grateful for this book. The author speaks honestly from a hard place and this book will benefit any Christian who is struggling with identity confusion or has a loved one who is. Thank you for sharing your story, Vera. -JJ Stevens

Need Support?

Christian Support For Parents of Trans-Identifying Children

Read Vera’s story here: Identity Confusion & The Church

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