2019-20 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends For Mature Women over 50

IMG_7693Deep romantic colors make a mark Fall and Winter. Shades of purple bring a sense of depth and elegance to the season. Violet models this perfectly in a lovely full length purple dress. Check out more from Violet @A_Stylish_Age


More animal spots are making their way into the 2019-20 Fall and Winter months. Shauna combines the bold color of Fuchsia to add a little extra pizazz. Find more of Shauna’s looks for the season @chicover50


Everything silver! This shimmering color in all fashion–coats, hats, purses, boots, dresses, top, pants–you name it! Silver is a great holiday look on mature women this season. View more of Judith’s styles @stylecrone

Orange Coat

Hot Pink

Ms. Leveq taking the world by storm in hot pink and orange! Bright colors are all the rage this season. Add a splash of fun to your winter wardrobe. See more from Ms. Leveq @thechiccitygirl

Black Hat

Be on the look out for black hats this season. Lisa adds silver accessories to compliment this stylish look. Find more looks by Lisa @thesilverstylist


Blazers are in! This checked blazer gives a sharp look to casual. Stephanie dresses it up even further with a hat and pumps. See more from Stephanie @haughtygreyfox

Polka Dots

Polka dots bring class to the season. Pilar looks lovely in opposite patterns. View more of Pilar’s styles @codigopilar


Boots, blazer, and a lace top make a great combination this season. Lyn models the look effortlessly. See more from Lyn @iconaccidental

A Book Just For Women Over 50

BOOK REVIEWSBloom79581471_Kindle Ready Front Cover_4170529

“One of the best books I’ve read to date that focuses on the unique challenges of older women in the body of Christ. Her clear understanding of God’s role for us and her beautiful writing voice make this a book I’ll read many times.” -Kate F Eaton

“This book is totally awesome, it captures the emotions of the 50 plus woman and it lifts and encourages us that life is not over, but just began……I love, love!” Malea Lady

Paula Masters has written a book on a topic that is as complex as it is simply a matter of divulging the unpopular truths of life after the life you loved, and the other one you were flirting with, have both packed up and left you for younger women. In her introduction Paula sets the tone immediately, “This [book] is not about menopause.” And thank God it is not, nor even as she stated, “about fluffy, silly, girly things.” And might I add, it is also not about red hats, or other exclusive “over the hill” societies that are stereotypically relegated to tea rooms and holiday themed sweaters. This book is, in fact, so well written and so plotted with you in mind, you might not be able to wait to celebrate the age your mother warned you about, and which you were blindsided by one day while you were trying on an outfit you thought should fit under the proverbial age decoder of florescent lighting. That age did arrive for Paula Masters who plowed into midlife with a book that depicts God as a loving forbearer of “the crisis” you might otherwise believe came about because of your own mismanagement of your life and thighs, or the general dumb things you believed formed you and left you vying for nothing more challenging than winning ebay bids. What I love most about this book is that it debunks the blame game and exchanges sanctimonious drab for language that is for the here and now, lively and engaging. It is a book that delves deep into your personal life through the eyes, and yes, the plans of a Creator who is as refreshingly unreligious as He is prepared. It is a book that promises the best is yet to come without the usual flattery that pumps you up in the interim, but does nothing to nourish your soul (mind, will, emotions) in the long term. This is soul food grown from the rich soil of wisdom, and applied practically to nourish and sustain. What you will read here will seem to have rolled off the author’s tongue, but her words are sustainable, most importantly because they are hard won. They will answer and confirm.”  -Susan Kaluza