wholeFoods1Ok, so ordinarily I wouldwholefoods3n’t think a health food store would fall into the category of “adventure” but this one in Florida is a little different. Sure, you can get your regular must have vitamin products, but there is so much more. First of all, as you walk into the building you are welcomed by outside paddle fans and nautical high table seating area (my favorite spot to sit). Then upon entering you see the sights and smell the aroma of a gourmet pizza bar set against the backdrop of open flames. Oh, and I mustn’t forget the extensive wine selection that goes with it. You have even more choices of seating as you continue deeper inside with cozy cushioned wholefoods4wholefoods2chairs and coffee tables. This is only the presentation mind you…there’s more, so much more. The food options are not only healthy they are diverse and exotic. There’s both cold and hot selections; a deli with every type of sandwich making you can think of; a bakery that will knock your socks off, and so on. It is the creme-da-la-creme of Whole Foods, and boy do they do it right! I must not forget to mention the free wi-fi. So there you have it. This was my little adventure with my good friend Laurie today, and not only did we get our vitamins and nutritional items, we got spoiled by the entire atmosphere of health and wellness. Located off of Federal Hwy. Pompano Beach Fl.

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