The word “purpose” describes the reason for which something exists. The word re-purpose means to redefine what that looks like in light of new circumstances. For women over daybedfifty this is a significant concept. So much transition happens in this season (both good and bad) and what were our prior purposes and contributions in life naturally change. I remember going into a quaint shop in Crystal River Florida Dayz Gone By and seeing the this term come to life in form of interesting merchandise. Something that was old, like a worn out boat paddle, was transformed into a new and beautiful art piece to hang on the wall for keys. The entire shop was filled with these kind of goodies. It was fun to explore the different items and uses that were unique and new. Fresh starts and new directions are always exciting, and this shop stirs the heart with inspiration.

I couldn’t help think about an article I read recently which tells of a conversation between Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou. When trying to decide whether to continue on in the same life direction or make a change, Mia’s words struck her deeply–“your 50’s are everything you are meant to be.” The sense of freedom that came to Oprah was liberating. No more feeling chained to what was (she) followed a new repurposed path of leaving her show to pursue helping girls and women. Her journey up to that point was an important part of what would make my this new path even possible. It’s not about throwing out the old, but understanding that it’s okay to change directions, or do something new altogether.

There is no greater time to explore the idea of repurposing than after 50. In fact, it’s a grand time! For me faith plays a big part of the repurposing of my own life. Even the stale ideologies that confined me in years gone by have broken apart allowing me to re-think why I believe the things I do. This has brought a fresh and genuine breeze into my faith. Perhaps, change is in order for you. What are some of things you have always dreamed of doing, but haven’t been able to? What are some of your natural gifts and talents? Are there any new directions you’d like to try? Maybe that empty kids room could be turned into a special craft or reading room. How about an exercise room? It’s interesting how those items, once practical, in the shop Dayz Gone By are now turned into beautiful pieces of art. Remember this a wonderful season to repurpose and embrace the beauty of your own change.

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