Days of anxiety proceeded a Segway tour my husband signed us up for in the beautiful Queen City of Charlotte North Carolina. After all, I am over fifty with some vestibular issues. When the instructor asked me step up on the machine in front of our group of 20 and 30 year olds, I felt a rush of intimidation sweep over me, what am I doing here! He assured me that even 80 year olds ride Segways with ease.
Segway Photo
As soon as I climbed on I realized the simplicity of it’s operation. The machine actually balances itself. High tech sensors regulate with your body weight and movement. The navigation, moving left or right, is as simple as moving a broom handle, or a video game joy stick.
       There was a rush of adrenaline that accompanied the swift but gentle pace of my Segway ride. I noticed some of the younger people in the group struggling to adjust, which caused my husband to smile with pride as I swooshed by on the path, maneuvering like a pro. Oh yeah, we were both surprised.
       The tour guide had a designated route leading the way up town. The locals call the city of Charlotte “uptown” because of the gradual elevation that leads to its epicenter. Having a guide made the exploration delightful and easy. He took us to landmark after landmark so we were able to get a wonderful sense and feel for the city and people. Even though the temperature was in the 90’s the brisk movement through the breeze made it pleasant. There were plenty of stops to rest, and a holder for water bottles and snacks.
       Being over fifty brings many opportunities for adventure and riding a Segway is one of them. Segways are fun for everyone, but being over fifty makes it a blast. In fact, for anyone limited in movement (difficulty walking up hills and such) riding a Segway brings a thrilling sense of freedom! I highly recommend it! I plan on going on many more Segway adventures.


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