In this season of life building memories with my grandchildren is a top priority. I’m always trying to figure our creative ways to accomplish this goal with out taking too much on. And because there is a special window of time in a grandchild’s life (between 0 and 12) where they are eager…I want to take full advantage. Soon enough they will be be swept up in grGrandsowing-up and the natural stages of cooling off. The great thing is when grandkids are 12 and under is it doesn’t take much to rock their little worlds!

To make it simple we need to work with what we have. It will be different for everyone depending on circumstance, location, etc. If you have a pool you might consider water adventure. Putting together and a challenge course could be loads of fun. Things like diving for toys at the bottom of the pool (placing toys on the steps for younger kids). Or trying to get a beach ball across the pool using only a squirt gun, and so on. If you are close to a nature area, hiking might be exciting. Organizing a nature hunt could be just the thing. Being on the look out for different kinds of plants and colors is both fun and educational.

Since my grandchildren love going on golf cart rides I decided to put together a neighborhood scavenger hunt. My husband and I went out a day earlier and made a list of interesting sights. The next day my oldest granddaughter held a clipboard and pen and was happily in charge of checking off finds–like a silly mailbox or a pink flamingo stuck in a neighbors lawn. Needless to say there was a lot of giggles and hollers as we came upon the things on our list, “There’s the purple house” yelled one grandchild “And there’s an American Flag” squealed another. Up and down the streets we went with laughter and delight. What was great about this adventure was that all could participate, even the baby who blurted out sounds as if to say she had found something too.

These are just three of many ideas that are easy and can build lasting memories. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the investment of time that matters. There are opportunities all around us to be creative. What are the the things around your house or neighborhood that might make for a unique adventure?

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