There is something so exciting about the thought of a new season! Even the weather whispers a gentle reminder that change can be seen at different times of year. Interestingly, I was reading about leaves and their remarkable colors. I was surprised to discover that the rich vibrant shades we see in fall are actually the real color of the leaves, and the greenvelvet seen the rest year…simply a product of the chlorophyll process. I couldn’t help marveling at this thought especially in regards to women over 50–but, you know, it makes sense!

As women mature in their age a lot of beauty that is inside begins to reveal itself on the outside. Those green years of youth often hide dazzling hues that comes with age: boldness, confidence, individuality, free spiritedness, ease, etc. So as we venture into fresh fall colors and fashion trends we can be reminded of this very interesting fact in the maturing process–that the Designer of life has given us (women over 50) depth of color in this season that is both stunning and dynamic. Or if its Spring that is upon us what lovely hues of renewal await. Change is in the air and exquisite shades of personality and heart are ours to wear! Enjoy tapping into the new looks of the season with great joy and vigor and confidence that comes in the mature years of life. Take a look a this years trends sparkle and shine. View Trends Here

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