There are so many inspiring looks on Instagram for women over fifty, and what I love most is that there are all kinds of body types displaying these amazing styles. How appropriate in an era when being comfortable with body image is so important. We see tall and short, slim and full, and ever thing in between–and it’s all beautiful! Identifying your specific body type is always plus when looking style for inspiration.
     For instance, although I love looking at all the different fashion posts, I have a few women that I like to keep an eye on. Since I am more on the thin and lanky side picking an outfit modeled by a shorter figure might not look as good on me as it does on them. The same is true reversed. Matching your body type will help tremendously if you are looking for style inspiration and ideas. Of course, it is always worth taking chances when your find something you love that is on a different figure type.
     Violet is someone I identify when it comes to style because her figure similar to mine, I OFF createlove the loose and layered looks she sports so often with their simple and casual feel. I watch to see how she puts together an outfit. Her Instagram shows short how-to video clips. Her flare is subtle and comfortable, but always stunning.
Shauna is shorter in stature and lives into all the fun style benefits of what this looks like.
Brenda is who is somewhere in the middle of these two body types thrives with her own unique style and fashion creations.
      Instagram has become a wonderful way for women to connect through the world of clothing and the over-fifty demographic has taken it by storm. Not only is it tutorial in nature, but it is women encouraging women, cheering each other on to be themselves. If you think about it, that’s what style is, a reflection of individuality. Style tells a story about you, even if it’s blue jeans and a Tshirt.
     Who do you identify with on Instagram when it comes to fashion?
For more style inspiration check out:

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