What do you do when you unexpectedly find yourself facing divorce in your 50’s? For Kristin Mastrorio giving into self pity was not an option. When her husband of 20 years moved out, Kristin took charge of her life. Kristin was a mom to two teenage children when stability as she knew it, such as the house she raised her kids in, church, mutual friendships, collapsed all around. Kristin suddenly found herself a divorced single mom who had to make her way in the world.

Kristin getting ready for a work out.

She credits both physical and spiritual fitness for helping her get through. Kristin has always been a health buff, but now more than ever she needed the natural lift that endorphins provide. As other parts of her life were crumbling, fitness was increasing and strengthening. This not only helped boost her confidence—which is so important in crisis—it gave her a sense of purpose and structure. The gym was a second home and place of comfort and familiarity.

Kristin also realized that good nutrition was crucial part of survival. Trauma which is inevitable part of divorce wreaks havoc on the nervous system, digestive system, and overall health. Kristin, who also has an underlying autoimmune disease, began building up on the inside with vitamins, supplements and healthy eating. This helped to counteract the havoc outside stress put on her health.

But what really became a source of peace for Kristin was her faith which took on a new dimension. It was no longer what she would describe as organized religion, but more personal, intimate, and faith-based. She tells how a friend shared a bible verse on how God even cares for a sparrow that falls (Matthew 10:29). That very day a flock of sparrows appeared as she was praying. It was a reminder to her of God’s closeness and care for her well-being.

It has been five years since Kristin’s divorce and although she says she has her moments,

Kristin’s baby granddaughter

she is thriving at 58. She is now a grandma and insists there is nothing better in life. Knowing there are so many women who are facing the devastation of divorce, I asked Kristin if I could share her story. She gladly agreed and hopes to be an encouragement to other women going through similar seasons. Kristin asserts that it is possible to come out the other side even stronger by focusing on these three areas:

1. Fitness
2. Nutrition
3. Spiritual Health

Thank you Kristin for being a role model in a crisis you never imagined you would face. You are a brave and courageous woman and your story gives hope to others.

*You can follow Kristin on Instagram

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